Lauren Bernstein MS, RD, CDE - The Nutrition Center of Westfield  - Mountainside, NJ
Achieve Your Health Goals

I am a registered  dietitian and nutrition consultant in Mountainside, NJ.   I offer one-on-one counseling for both children and adults.  I believe finding the right motivation and support is the key to your success.  Not only will I focus on what you eat but why you eat.  My clients will have the opportunity to explore the triggers that perpetuate these unhealthy eating habits.
    "You have waited long enough to do something about your health.  A visit to the Nutrition Center of Westfield will help you achieve your goals through behavior and motivational techniques, as well as, nutrition education.  Let me be your health coach and lead you to a permanent, healthy way of eating."          - Lauren

Areas of Specialization
                           * Weight Management
                       * Eating Disorders
                       * Diabetes/Prediabetes
                       * Cardiovascular Health
                       * Poor Growth in children
                       * Selective Eating in children

I  provide counseling for eating disorders and work closely with your treatment team. Together we can sift through what you already know about nutrition and what is a disordered thought.

As a CertifiedDiabetesEducator I can help you with all aspects of your diabetes care.
    "...after 3 months my A1c% has come down from 10.5 to are a great teacher, your knowledge and experience has given me hope that diabetes is not the end of the world."  
                                                                - a successful client
              608 Sherwood Parkway, Mountainside, NJ. 07092
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