Lauren Bernstein MS, RD, CDE - The Nutrition Center of Westfield
    Welcome to my website!  I am a registered dietitian and nutrition consultant in Westfield, NJ.  I offer one-on-one counseling for both children and adults and facilitate group weight loss programs for all ages.  In addition, I believe I am a dynamic speaker and can be available for your next program, lunch and learn, or workshop.
    "You have waited long enough to do something about your health.  A visit to the Nutrition Center of Westfield will help you achieve your goals through behavior and motivational techniques, as well as, nutrition education.  Let me be your health coach and lead you to a permanent, healthy way of eating."          - Lauren
                           * Achieve a healthy weight
                       * Control your diabetes/prediabetes
                       * Improve your cardiovascular health
                       * Lower your cholesterol and/or blood pressure
                       * Live a healthier lifestyle
I also provide counseling for vegetarian nutrition, eating disorders, PCOS, sports nutrition, pre/post natal women.
    "...after 3 months my A1c% has come down from 10.5 to are a great teacher, your knowledge and experience has given me hope that diabetes is not the end of the world."  
                                                                - a successful client
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