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Children Services

What can I do for your children?

Children have special needs when it comes to creating healthy eating habits. My experience helps me to be sensitive to such needs.

Being a working mother I understand the challenges of feeding your family healthfully. At the Nutrition Center of Westfield I will help take the stress out of feeding your child by using the guidelines developed by Ellyn Satter on the division of responsibility.

Together we will develop important tools to encourage the entire family to eat healthier and achieve success.

  • Providing adequate nutrition for proper growth and development
  • Use a non-diet approach to managing weight without damaging self esteem
  • Nutrition counseling for both restrictive and binge eating disorders
  • Encouragement for the selective eater without creating mealtime anxiety
  • Evaluation and recommendations for children failing to thrive

I am proud to be a Certified Shapedown Instructor - the nations leading weight management program for children and adolescents.

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