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Helpful Resources for Body Image Struggles

Updated: Oct 12, 2023

Written by Leia, 27 years old

October 11th 2023

I found the following podcast episodes, blogs, instagram accounts, and youtube videos really helpful during my recovery and wanted to share in case they are helpful for those of you who are struggling with food in any way. Whether that be an eating disorder or disordered eating, or you just feel like you want some more positive outlets on social media to help you overcome some of the challenges you face.

  1. Take the Cake Podcast with Kate Noel: Kate is a young entreprenuer who lives in California and is in the modeling and acting industry. She recovered from an eating disorder years ago and shares the most helpful insights about what she learned throughtout her healing and recovery journey, and how to make those habits last. Her episodes on body image from May of 2021 are particularly helpful, but most of her episodes are focused on her recovery so you can just listen to the ones that have titles that relate to you. *Available on spotify and Apple Podcasts

  2. Food Psych Podcast with Christy Harrison: Christy Harrison is an anti-diet dietician and she shares her own journey from disordered eating and learning to accept her body. I love Christy because is really honest about how much the health industry is actually promoting unhealthy, restrictive habits. I particularly love episode #98 with Kylie Mitchell. *Available on spotify and Apple Podcasts

  3. Megsy Recovery Youtube Channel: If you are in the thick of eating disoder recovery or treatment, Megsy is a great resource to make you feel less alone. She shared her journey with recovery in vlog form and spoke through all of her irrational thoughts and fears, and shared the tricks her therapist taught her to challenge all of those thoughts and behaviors. Start from the beginning and work your way through the videos. You can see her recovery physcially and mentally through her vlogs and I never found someone I related to more through my recovery. Her Instagram handle is @megsy_recovery if you want to find her there as well.

  4. Meghan McGann (@newmoonrd on instagram): Meghan is an anti-diet dietician and shares helpful quotes and factoids about restrictive eating. I love watching her stories as well because she is just a nice breath of reality in a space that can feel very superficial.

  5. Emily Vazques (@emmysyummys on instagram): Emily is an RD that helps women heal their relationship with food. She is very active on stories and I always find her stories and thoughts very accurate. She will not beat around the bush and calls out your disordered eating habits. She is helpful and promotes a positive message.

  6. Immaeatthat Blog: Kylie Mitchel is a registered dietitician that went through her own eating disorder. She shares helpful posts that were really useful tools I used during my recovery. She has a whole section on eating disorder recovery so you can pick and choose which posts you think would be the most helpful for you. Here is a link to them:

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